Onoma’s 2024 summer exhibition FRAGILE is a tribute to the 30 years of the Fiskars Artisans, Designers and Artists Cooperative’s exhibition activities in Fiskars. The exhibition will feature works by more than 60 local artists. Deceased members will also be highlighted.

Onoma’s FRAGILE exhibition is curated by Marja Sakari from the top of the Finnish art scene. 

In the words of the curator:

“Fiskars’ appeal stems from its history dating back to the 17th century, its strong tradition of craftsmanship and its sense of community.  On the one hand, the nature of the Fiskars area: forests and water in its many forms – as waterfalls, rivers, lakes – and on the other, civilisation, craftsmanship and the cultivation of the spirit are at the heart of the Fiskars pottery. In the exhibition, the different layers, past and present, nature and man-made, are interwoven in an organic whole. What has been broken is not broken, but the beginning of something new. A wound leads to healing.

The forthcoming commemorative exhibition will focus on the work of the Fiskars people, underpinned by the post-humanist idea of the interconnectedness and interdependence of everything, there is no fragility without strength. Nature and culture are not separate, nor is man separate from nature and other living things.”

Kuparivasarantie 5
Fiskars, Finland