Minja K’s

Sculpture Studio & Exhibition




Mon-Wed 11-18

Thu: closed (open 5.8.)

Fri-Sun 11-18


Minja Kolehmainen, Finland’s only artist and cabinetmaker living and working in a MobileWorkshop, is transforming Kupru Gallery into a dynamic combination of a sculpture studio and exhibition space. Step into a world where art and craftsmanship intertwine seamlessly.

Wooden sculptures draw their inspiration from the peace and comfort brought by nature, as well as the interconnectedness between nature and humanity.

Kolehmainen invites you to engage with the sculptures through touch, allowing the tactile experience to speak volumes beyond the limitations of language.

She sculpts new pieces daily within the gallery, continually evolving the exhibition. 

You can also be part of making a communal artwork, leaving your mark by carving on a creation that will echo long after the exhibition’s end.


Kupru Galleria, Kuparivasarantie 5, 10470 Fiskars, Finland

Photo: Valtti Visuals